Bio: I'm married with 4 adult children, who all got married very close together and have now, with their lovely spouses, produced 5 grandchildren in quick succession, which is definitely a delightful hindrance to getting any writing done. I was a nurse and a health visitor in a previous life but have now been writing for over 20 years, whilst also doing a load of other jobs to pay the bills. I write short stories for commercial mags, features for anyone who'll pay me, pantomimes, sketches, songs. I have had 3 novels published which have sold really well and received 5* reviews: 'The Mountains Between' (bestseller in Wales) 'Just One More Summer' (subject of a bidding war in Germany, eventually won by the German arm of Random House) and 'Don't Pass Me By', which topped the Amazon Kindle Historical Romance list. I've also had a book of short stories published, 'Close To You'. When not writing, playing with the grandchildren, or playing tennis, I run a theatre company with my daughter and a panto group, for which I write the scripts, with my husband. I am passionate about Wales and love where I live.

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